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No Advantage -

The spouse who files for divorce first, does not have an upper hand or advantage in the outcome of alimony, child support or custody.

Answers to Common Questions

Q: What are the costs associated with a Divorce or Dissolution?

Much like the length of time it takes to get a divorce, the cost of obtaining a divorce can vary substantially given the facts of each case, the relative positions of the parties, the parties willingness to compromise, and their commitment to settle.

Initially, the courts charge a filing fee of $250 ($275 in cases involving children). 

If the parties decide to mediate their case, they hire a mediator to help them resolve their issues associated with the divorce or dissolution.  Each party should hire an attorney to educate and assist them and to review the agreement before submitting it to the court.  The costs involved depend on the number of mediation sessions required to settle the case.

In the Collaborative Process the parties may want to bring in a divorce coach or a financial expert to help settle the case.  These experts are optional, but can be very useful in ultimately resolving the case.  The costs for the Collaborative process hinge on the experts needed, and the number of sessions required before an agreement is reached.

In the context of litigation, given the specific issues and needs of your case experts may be required to: render decisions regarding custody and the best interest of children, to value property, to determine the income of a party, to value a business or other major asset, to render an alcoholism or drug evaluation or to determine a party's employability and earning potential, based on their background and education. 

Beyond the cost of experts, the primary factor affecting the cost of a litigated divorce is the length of time the case requires, and if the matter needs to go to trial. 

The attorneys at Maleski Eisenhut & Zielinski, LLC are happy to discuss with you all the options and their associated costs.  Since each case presents its own unique facts and issues, our experienced team can evaluate your case and recommend steps you can take to reduce costs.  Contact us online or call 908-237-9711.


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