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Child Support - New Jersey courts often order child support even after a child turns 18. In fact, courts have awarded college costs and even the cost of graduate school.

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Q: What are statutory factors?

In New Jersey, state statutes set forth the general law on issues such as custody and parenting time, alimony, child support, college expenses and equitable distribution. In family law, often times, the statues relating to each of those issues, set forth a number of elements which are to be considered and weighed when deciding, for example, the amount and length of alimony, if any. These are referred to as "statutory factors."

Over time, and due to the highly fact specific nature of family law, litigated cases have resulted in opinions ( "case law") that explain and clarify the meaning of the statutes and factors within them. The professionals at Maleski Eisenhut & Zielinski, LLC can explain to you the most recent developments in case law and can provide a thorough analysis of the factors as they relate to your circumstances.

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