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Alimony - Not all alimony is permanent. Courts look at numerous factors, including the length of the marriage, the age and health of the parties, and future earning capacity, before deciding if alimony is appropriate, and for what period of time.

Divorce and Dissolution

Once a spouse makes the decision to seek a divorce from the other spouse, it is also important to understand what will be involved in "getting divorced." Other than dissolving the bonds of matrimony, the following major issues will be determined in a divorce:

  1. Custody and parenting time - determination of legal and residential custody and allocation of parenting time to each parent
  2. Income Determination - this may include imputation of income where a spouse is unemployed or underemployed
  3. Child Support - determination of the amount of support for the child, payable by one parent to the other, generally received by the parent with whom the children reside
  4. Alimony/Spousal Support - the determination of payment of alimony from one spouse to the other (if applicable)
  5. Equitable distribution - division of all assets and debts acquired during the marriage and determination of any assets which may be exempt from distribution.

Spouses should know that there are multiple ways to dissolve a marriage. Divorce can be achieved by way of litigation, mediation, collaboration and arbitration. The professionals at Maleski, Eisenhut & Zielinski, LLC are available to assist in each method and can help select the most appropriate for the individual circumstances.