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Family Assets - Courts view a stay-at-home spouse as contributing to the family's assets. As such, if your spouse's assets or business has increased in value during the marriage, you may be entitled to a percentage of that growth upon divorce.

Post - Divorce Matters

Post- Judgment Action

Sometimes after the Judgment of Divorce incorporating a Marital Settlement Agreement, parties encounter difficulties that require legal intervention. This is referred to as "post-judgment" activity. Generally, one party is not complying with the Agreement, so the other seeks to enforce it and obtaincompliance; or circumstances have changed for one or both spouses and one or both spouses may seek modification of child support or alimony.

Post judgment problems can be resolved with the aid of attorneys. However, sometimes further action may be required to resolve these problems. Parties may choose to attend mediation or return to the collaborative process. Others may choose to proceed with an application to the court. Often times post-judgment issues will be determined by the court once an application is made, but sometimes the court will require that a hearing or trial be held to address the issues.

When seeking a review of child support or alimony, the party asking for this relief is required to prove to the court a permanent and substantial change in his or her circumstances. If you anticipate that you will need to make any post-judgment application to the court, you should take time to meet with an attorney who can explain to you the implications and requirements of such an application.